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Citysearch.com - Consider this as one of the more comprehensive tour guides the web has to offer. Find what Cleveland has to offer all its residents and its visitors from restaurants to sporting events to a nice evening at a concert.

Travelcleveland.com - Dedicated to the visitors of Cleveland, this site offers a large list of concerts, events, and musical attractions that any traveler should visit when and if they have the chance. Also recommends restaurants and hotels.

Timeout.com - This online city guide offers great information on restaurants, shopping, hotels, tourist attractions, and nightlife of Cleveland.

AOL Cleveland City Guide - Find reviews and ratings of fine restaurants and bars in Cleveland, as well as information on upcoming events, fairs, concerts, and more.

MSN Cleveland City Guide - A website that covers nearly all the information a tourist would need to have a wonderful time in Cleveland.

Official City of Cleveland Website - Learn about the government of Cleveland and if a new resident, find very helpful information regarding city laws and regulations, business, taxes, services, etc.

Cleveland Browns NFL Football - The official website of the Cleveland Browns. Find out updates, player info, team schedule, game highlights, and much more from this compendious website.

Cleveland Indians MLB Baseball - The official site of the Cleveland Indians. Support the Indians by visiting their site and buying their gear or even better, by buying tickets to their games.

Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Basketball - The official site of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Home of the newly acquired Lebron James, keep your eyes on the Cavaliers through this site. The team schedule, player updates, scores and highlights can all be found on this site.

Cleveland Force MISL Indoor Soccer - As the popularity of indoor soccer rises, watch for the Cleveland Force team to rise as one of the elite teams in the league. Support your home team by visiting their site.

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